Direct Marketing is as much a science as it is an art.
There is, in fact, a ‘secret sauce’ in online and offline marketing materials that makes them effective. Smart companies, big and small, fear not having access to this ‘secret sauce’ equates to one thing: lost revenue.

And they are right.

Compelling, persuasive direct response copywriting is essential for companies serious about continuing to grow, maximizing revenue, and, most importantly, staying ahead of the competition. Yes—social media is an important part of the equation. But powerful direct response copywriting—for websites, sales letters, ads, emails—THAT’S the ‘secret sauce’! That’s what sends sales soaring.

Whether you’re an internet company looking to take your online sales and presence to the next level or a traditionally brick and mortar company seeking to increase market share—contact me today. Let’s start strategizing. Let’s get going.

About Adam

AboutAdamAdam Gittlin has extensive background in real estate and technology. His years with a research-driven private investment group, investing both knowledge and funds into a diverse range of firms/projects, have given him a deep understanding of the financial world. Further, his involvement with the principals of a prominent, southeastern U.S. corporate communications and marketing firm have paved the way for Gittlin to help oversee the copy and efforts of firms like Oasis Outsourcing, Assurity Life Insurance Co., and The Learning Experience.

Gittlin is also a bestselling novelist, as well as the creator of the award-winning Preschool Educational App company GazziliWorld. His exceptional writing skills, coupled with his extensive professional background, give Gittlin a hard to match foundation for writing effective copy.


One of the keys to effective direct marketing copy is an airtight strategy—and at the core of such a strategy is research. That’s where we’ll start. There will be materials requested from you (i.e. previously published materials such as brochures, catalogs, article reprints, technical papers, landing pages, online ads, etc.); there will be targeted research done by me.

From there I’ll have a strong sense of where I’m going with writing the copy. But I’ll still need more. What I will have learned at this point will, equally as important, show me what I’m still missing. That I’ll get through subsequent discussion with you—my client. I’ll have a targeted set of questions ready to go—questions about your audience, your product, and the objective of your copy. I’ll have questions. And once those questions have been answered we’ll be headstrong toward the finish line.

How long should a project take?

It depends. Every project is different. Typically a project deserves anywhere from 2-4 weeks all in, which allows for utilizing all the necessary compiled materials, writing, editing, revising and polishing. Of course, there are always projects that can be handled much faster. And I’m always willing to discuss projects that need to be ‘rushed’—so long as I feel I’ll still have the time needed to create copy at the highest level.

How much do your services cost?

Again—it depends. Every project is different. Contact me, and let’s quickly, yet concisely, talk through the scope of the project. From there I’ll be able to give you a set fee for the project. And I’m always willing to revise as necessary—free of charge—if you’re not 100% happy with what I’ve written (so long as I have said revision request within 15 days of delivery).
I look forward to hearing from you—and working with you—soon.

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“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

 Napoleon Hill

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